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Sara Murry

Essence Ability: GREEN

  • 16 years old (Nov 27, 2006)

  • 5’ 10”

  • 120 Lbs

Appearance: red hair, green eyes, no freckles, lanky, facial features are a lot like her mom’s. Despite appearance Bobby and Sara are not related, It is often joked about.

Physical strength and endurance are above average for a girl her age. She has been put through extra conditioning during school hours. She has been led to believe this is punishment during gym class. Bobby helps to motivate her to do physical activities when outside of school.

Personality – Sara is an introvert and won’t initiate a conversation. Opens up easily if approached openly, though. There are issues with self-confidence despite her parent’s support through her formative years. She has a strong sense of right and wrong. Sara Is scared of a lot of things. 

Dreams – bad dreams have plagued her since she was little. They’ve gotten progressively more violent or hostile as she has gotten older. 

  • An open field causes her anxiety in regular daylight. At night, sheer terror.

  • Doesn’t like being in the dark alone, with friends or family. She can hide it just fine.

  • Blood, the sight of it makes her sick. Pass out puking sick.

  • She has social anxiety mostly due to other girls’ animosity toward her in school. By high school, she has learned to deal with it through avoidance.  


Green is typically a jack of all trades color. No one is sure why. Historically, greens generally aren’t very powerful, but they can make up for this with a total number of skills. They can control trees, water, body for example. Their tree skill could be broad and cover all trees or only certain types. Same applies to other essence color abilities. She has control over every color and more power than any elemental in recent history.  

Friends - Bobby’s Best friend since little, grew up together, no other close friends. Sara considers Bobby family. He’s a permanent fixture in her life. Any consideration of a different kind of relationship isn’t given any thought. Maybe on a subconscious level she truly loves Bobby but fears losing him because he’s the only friend she has.

- A few people she’s “friendly” with in school but no friends outside of school. 

- other girls in school are mean to her or dislike her out of jealousy of her relationship with Bobby. 

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