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Paula Sanders

Essence Ability: TAN

  • 34 years old  (January 22, 1988) 

  • 5’ 6”

  • 135 Lbs

Appearance: dark red hair, brown eyes with a hint of green, petite face, button nose, freckles, besides hair, not remarkable. Hair is down to lower back.

Paula is in excellent shape; she runs every day and does Pilates and yoga. She lacks the speed and physical strength of most of her male counterparts but her patience and ability to read her opponent will almost always win the day. However, her fighting abilities rival Harry’s, because her ability to access and adapt to different fighting styles is unparalleled. Paula’s lack of essence strength limits her use of her essence during a fight, so she uses it sparingly, choosing her moments for when they produce the greatest effect.


Personality: Paula is a quiet person. She generally doesn’t contribute to a conversation unless she feels she has something important to add, so people perceive her as standoffish. She sticks firmly to her beliefs and isn’t afraid to voice them. Next to her family, doing right is the most important thing to her.


Paula can control the life energy in the earth. Any dirt that has organic life in it will have a residual essence she can control. Typically, this means moving dirt how she sees fit. Making holes or walls or even flinging small pieces as projectiles. She cannot control rocks, since there isn’t any life in a rock so control of those is off the board. Her power level is below average. She uses finesse where brute force is lacking.  


The Sanders have known the Murrys for a long time. The two families didn’t really start being friends until after Harry and Eliza took down the council. Paula and Michael were supposed to be on the team that was sent after Harry. The pair couldn’t stomach what the council was asking and warned the Murrys about the attack before disappearing. Harry repaid the favor by getting the pair jobs and helping them set up new lives in another state after defying the council. The families became closer when they had a child at the same time.

Paula Sanders
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