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Michael Sanders

Essence Ability: BROWN

  • 35 years old  (February 12, 1987)

  • 5’ 10”

  • 187 Lbs.

Appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, strong jawline, average looking, short beard and mustache. Strong physique, stays in excellent shape. His fighting ability is excellent. Consisting of a mix of boxing and muy thai, Michael has woven his essence abilities heavily into his fighting style. You wouldn’t want to corner him anywhere there is something green. He’s able to use plant seeds to grow protective coverings for his hands and forearms. He always carries seeds in his pockets, usually tree seeds. He’s passed this ability on to his son. 

Personality: Michael is a nice guy. Friendly with everyone and quick to offer help. At the end of the day, family comes first. He lives for his wife and son. He will freely admit he’s not the brains in the family. Michael isn’t stupid, he just prefers to leave the hard thinking to his wife. He can talk to anyone and easily holds a conversation.


He can control plants and trees. His essence strength is only slightly above average but this is made up for with the wide variety of things he can control and the level of control he has. Most browns can do plants or trees and only certain ones, usually within a certain group or species. Michael doesn’t seem to have any limitations on type. 


The Sanders have known the Murrys for a long time. The two families didn’t really start being friends until after Harry and Eliza took down the council. Paula and Michael were supposed to be on the team that was sent after Harry. The pair couldn’t stomach what the council was asking and warned the Murrys about the attack before disappearing. Harry repaid the favor by getting the pair jobs and helping them set up new lives in another state after defying the council. The families became closer when they had a child at the same time.

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