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Martha Murry

Essence Ability: GREEN


  • Age: 61 years old (July 23, 1961)

  • Height: 4’ 11.5”

  • Weight: 105 lbs

Appearance: light brown eyes, mostly grey hair with brown streaks shoulder length, short and wiry strong. Skin is slightly tanned and fighting age gracefully. She stands straight, and firm, always wears a stern expression and isn’t very approachable. Carries an air of superiority. Clothing is usually pricey but loose fitting and practical.

Physical:  strength and speed are above average, especially for her age. Her diminutive size has tricked many into underestimating her in a fight. Her fighting capabilities, both mental and physical, are well within elite level. As a young woman, people came to fear her, and she’s only gotten more ruthless with age.

Personality – Martha knows what she wants, and no price is too high to pay. Her nature is severe and she holds everyone around her to impossibly high standards. Her usual uncompromising nature is made more impossible by her unrelenting air of superiority. She is not above subterfuge to get what she wants and she is extremely good at it. She can play the part of the loving mom, doe eyed girlfriend or grieving widow. Anything that’s required to meet her needs. 

Elemental power is Green – While not the rarest color, it is one of the rarer ones. Greens are the Jack of all trades elementals. They typically have a broad range of abilities in multiple essence classes. Most will have two, maybe three essence color abilities to varying degrees. This broad ability range comes at the cost of essence strength. They are almost always below average in terms of total essence strength. Martha is an exception. She alone knows the true scope of her abilities and they are much more than any green before her. She has the ability to manipulate every essence color but purple to one degree or another. This is part of the reason her fighting abilities are so formidable. She can use red body essence to enhance her physical abilities to well above average. She has been very careful to hide her true power and has kept them a secret from everyone including her own son. 

Friends: She has no true friends and it’s doubtful even her own son has any love for her. If she cares, it doesn’t show. As a side note, any information about Harry’s father is unknown. Harry never knew him and Martha has never spoken about him even when asked.

Martha Murry
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