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Essence Ability: BLUE

  • 34 years old

  • 6’ 0”

  • 130 lbs


Body - physical conditioning and strength are above average. Service in the military special forces and sniper crew give her a unique fighting style compared to most guardians. One of the few elementals to use ranged weapons simply because she almost never misses. Hand to hand is not the refined technique of martial arts style but rather brutal but efficient combatives and street fighting moves. She fights dirty and she fights to win. 


Personality – Despite her military training Jen is an extremely nice person. Everyone gets a smile. She’s extremely attractive and isn't above using it to her advantage. She struggles with vanity on a personal level and compensates by being an extremely nice person. It's the inner turmoil of wanting people to like her for something other than her looks. For Sara, she is the newest member of the group but Jen has known Sara’s parents since before Sara was born. Jen had a crush on Eliza in her younger years that was complicated by their extremely close friendship. Eliza loved her but not in the same way and with Harry involved it made the situation that much harder. Jen couldn’t reconcile her feelings and chose to move away. 


Elemental power is Blue – not super rare but not common either. Controls water (not distilled or filtered, must have life in it). Extremely rare for a blue she can affect blood. Typically, because is mixed with life essence of the person it makes controlling blood impossible for a blue. Jen is not only powerful enough to overpower this but there’s something else to her ability that hasn’t been identified yet. She has no issue controlling the blood of another person. She’s learned to do some nasty vicious things with blood as a weapon. It has earned her the nickname “The Blood Queen”.

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