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Harry Murry

Essence Ability: PURPLE

  • 37 years old (August 13, 1985)

  • 6’ 3”

  • 190 lbs

Appearance: blue eyes, brown hair, skinny (lanky) but well-built with toned muscle. Dark brown hair, narrow features and sharp eyes, glasses. Nose is a little long, thin lips, always wears a smile (very approachable).

Physical strength is above average for his size and build but not by much. Physical conditioning and speed are superb with fast twitch reflex. Harry is an elite level fighter. His speed and agility make him extremely difficult to deal with by even most red essence user standards.


Personality – Harry is a nice guy. Quick with a smile and loves dad jokes. He doesn’t get angry often but when enough is enough that’s it. 

Elemental power is Purple - The rarest elemental color the exact extent of abilities that come with this essence are unknown. The basic understanding is that it can control and interact with all other essences. It doesn’t gain the abilities only allows physical manipulation and control of. Can stop the flow of a red essence user changing their body back to normal condition or stop them from healing. Can pull the essence form another person entirely. Usually leads to death. Harry can see all the essences

Friends – the sanders, Tom, Jen


Harry is against the council in any iteration. The past council was corrupt in the worst way and after removing the members from power before the birth of Sara, He’s tried to stay isolated from Council and community events.

Harry Murry
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