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Eliza “O’Brien” Murry

Essence Ability: RED

  • 36 years old (March 22, 1986)

  • 5’10”

  • 160 lbs

Appearance: green eyes, brown hair, pretty, her appearance at age 36 is youthful, build is solid muscle, fit but not cut like she was at 20. 

Physical strength, unassisted by essence is well above average. With essence, her strength, endurance, and speed are superhuman. Eliza is a decent fighter however over reliance on her essence abilities has handicapped her hand to hand technique. Very few come close to her speed and strength when she’s in essence, she’s become accustomed to overpowering her opponents.


Personality – Eliza is straightforward and can be overly blunt, at times. Her mood tends to swing without warning. She tries to treat everyone fairly.


Elemental power is RED – Body essence. She can control the energy in her body strength, speed, endurance, healing or sleep. She can do the same for others as well. Doing so to others takes more effort. Body is one of the most common essences. Eliza can see essence but can only react(use) with red 


Friends – Sanders, Tom, Jen, only acquaintances from work after that. 

Eliza Murry
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