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Bobby Sanders

Essence Ability: BROWN

  • 16 years old (Dec 12, 2006)

  • 6’ + 

  • 200 Lbs 

Appearance: red hair, green eyes, freckles.

Despite appearance Bobby and Sara are not related. It is often joked about.

Physical strength and endurance are well above average (almost Olympic level? Elite) Bobby has known since he was little what he was and what his purpose was. He has kept all of this a secret from Sara at the Murry’s request. His fighting ability is unparalleled in his age group and easily over matches most adults. While he can easily use his abilities during a physical confrontation, he is more like his mother in this regard. He saves the ability until it will be most felt.

He can control plants and trees. His essence strength is well above average, and he has his dad’s lack of limitations. He doesn’t seem to have any limitations where plant and tree life is concerned. He makes the same protection for his hands and arms that his dad does. He also carries around a variety of seeds in his pockets like his dad taught him to.

Personality:  Easy going, earnest and honest to a fault. Gives 110% at everything or he just doesn’t do it. Family and friends are the most important things to Bobby. He has no brothers or sisters and grew up beside Sara knowing someday he might need to be her protector. His love for Sara has grown beyond friends. He refuses all other advances from girls at school or anywhere else. He knows that Sara doesn’t see it but he is willing to wait. He’s also scared of losing her as a friend. She’s never shown an interest in that direction. He holds hope.

Bobby is extremely popular with the girls in school despite his repeated rejection of all advances. He’s always nice despite having to repeat himself giving suiters continued hope.

Bobby Sanders
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