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The Story

The empire has stagnated and is on the verge of collapse. The emperor is opening new methods of trade with neighboring nations instead of the old method of raiding and war. Once the greatest military power, reliance on tradition and resistance to change have seen the army slowly fall behind their fellow nations. The imperial wardens, while still the best trained fighters known, struggle to maintain the borders and the peace within the empire. The neighboring nations smell blood and a plot to destroy the empire once and for all is set in motion.


The more traditional members of the imperial council are not happy with the changes the current emperor is making. Power should be taken, not bought. A conspiracy is set in motion to overthrow the current emperor but that would mean dealing with the Wardens. Caught in it all is commander La’Toq of the Wardens and a young orphan girl who’s supposed to change an empire. Will either survive the upheaval about to hit this once great nation?

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