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Thomas Garn

Essence Ability: RED (Body)

  • 35 years old  (June 11, 1987) 

  • 6’ 4”

  • 240 lbs

Appearance: brown eyes, black hair, chocolate skin, solid muscle, a consistent regime of working out and weightlifting keep him in shape. Body looks like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Shaves just enough to maintain a constant 5 o’clock shadow. He prefers jeans and T-shirts, keeps his hair short. At works maintains a very serious demeanor. Outside of work, with friends, he has a more jovial personality. It’s almost like he had two different people inside his head.

After Eliza, Tom is one of the strongest red essence users. His specialty lies in defense. Making his body strong against physical and essence attacks. He can move faster and be stronger but not to the extent that Eliza can. He’s also not very good at healing physical injuries to others. His own he can handle well enough.

Fights with raw brute force. He has technique but his fighting style focuses on making the most out of his raw strength and size. Physical strength is further enhanced by his essence ability. He takes the punishment and always dishes out more than he receives.


Though he’s known the Murrys all of Sara’s life, this has been kept from Sara. Harry and Eliza wanted her to have as normal a life growing up as they could provide. Tom’s role later in her life was to watch over her in school and provide physical conditioning where he could. This placed him in school as her gym teacher for the past few years where he used extra PT (punishment) to get extra training into her. Despite his role as secret trainer and guardian, he loves Sara dearly. She’s his god child. He was originally Eliza’s guardian and returns to that role after Sara’s assassination attempt. 

Personality – Stiff but casual. Friendly with everyone and slow to anger. Despite his casual nature, he takes his job(s) seriously and aims for perfection in everything he does. He doesn’t do well with women and misses almost all social ques when it comes to romantic involvement. 

Thomas Garn
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